Guangdong Yue 'an Chemical Storage Co., Ltd. won the "Top Ten Hazardous Chemical Storage Enterprises in 2022"

Release time: 2023/6/10

  On May 11-12, 2023, the "11th Workshop on Construction and Safe Operation of Dangerous Goods Storage Facilities" of China Warehousing and Distribution Association was successfully held in Hangzhou。Guangdong Yue 'an Chemical Storage Co., Ltd. won the award of "Top 10 National Hazardous Chemical Storage Enterprises in 2022" in the selection of hazardous chemical storage enterprises。This is the industry media, customers to the company's business philosophy, service quality, safety management, brand awareness and other aspects of the comprehensive strength of the affirmation and recognition。

  Founded in May 2019, the company is located in Duruan Town, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, the capital of overseas Chinese, with a total investment of 1.200 million to build a high-standard comprehensive hazardous chemical logistics storage base integrated with intelligent logistics services。The warehouse covers an area of about 35 mu, and the warehouse area of class A, B and C hazardous chemicals is 18,000 square meters. The business scope covers the transportation of hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods in class 2 /3 /4 /5 /6 /8 /9。At present, it is one of the large-scale hazardous chemical logistics and storage centers in the Pearl River Delta region with large scale, high degree of modernization and strong distribution capacity, which solves the problem of scarce hazardous chemical warehouse resources in the western Guangdong region, and provides security and quality services for the safety of chemical enterprises and society。

  Enterprises through the ISO9001/14001/45001 management system to improve the fine management level and modern storage intelligent management mode。Always adhere to the safety and environmental protection work in a prominent position,We will fully implement the responsibility system for safe production,We will pay close attention to safety standardization, safety foundation, and safety culture,Continue to grasp the ideological understanding, grasp the implementation of responsibilities, grasp the implementation of the system, grasp the long-term mechanism,Continuously strengthen safety training and education, hidden danger investigation and management, and emergency plan drills,The security management is digitized and intelligent,Comprehensively improve the level of enterprise intrinsic safety management。

  We have excellent warehousing and logistics operation team and advanced customer management service concept, to provide customers with better quality, safer, efficient, scientific and fast delivery service solutions and continue to work hard, will continue to adhere to the original mission - to become a trustworthy, professional hazardous chemicals supply chain company。To contribute to the construction and safe operation of dangerous goods storage facilities across the country。

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