January 27, 2024,Guangdong Yue 'an Chemical Storage Co., Ltd. annual meeting was held in Jiangmen Enping Mountain Spring Bay Hotel,After everyone worked hard to finish their homework, they finally ushered in the long-awaited feast belonging to our Yue 'an people,This banquet is the first time since the opening of Yue 'an Chemical Industry to hold a perfect annual feast in the form of group tourism。All Yue 'an people dressed up to attend, gather together, a grand event。
On July 26, Sarah, Supply Chain Manager of BASF (Asia Pacific) and Mr. Li Shi, General Manager of BASF (China) visited Guangdong Yue 'an Chemical Storage Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Yue 'an Chemical")。Mr. Xie Yungui, chairman of Yuean Chemical, and other management teams warmly received Sarah and Mr. Li Shi。
June in midsummer,On the occasion of the 22nd national "Safety Production Month" in June 2023,The company closely revolves around "everyone speaks safety.,Everyone will respond "theme,The "Safety production Month" will be an important carrier of safety production education and an effective starting point for improving safety production,Combined with the actual situation of the enterprise,Carefully organized and carried out the "Safety production Month" activities...
On May 11-12, 2023, the "11th Workshop on Construction and Safe Operation of Dangerous Goods Storage Facilities" of China Warehousing and Distribution Association was successfully held in Hangzhou。Guangdong Yue 'an Chemical Storage Co., Ltd. won the award of "Top 10 National Hazardous Chemical Storage Enterprises in 2022" in the selection of hazardous chemical storage enterprises。This is the industry media, customers to the company's business philosophy, service quality, safety management, brand awareness and other aspects of the comprehensive strength of the affirmation and recognition。
This month is the 21st national "safety production Month", the company's various departments actively responded to the call to launch the 2022 "safety production month" ceremony, which quickly set off the "safety production month" activity boom, further strengthening the bottom line thinking, safety awareness rooted in the hearts of all employees。
On January 21, 2022, the annual meeting of Guangdong Yue 'an Chemical Storage Co., Ltd. was held in Fushan Ju Restaurant, and invited partners to share the joy and expectations of the New Year. Everyone dressed up to attend and gathered together for a happy event!
Our company through BASF warehousing service project bidding, after several rounds of bidding, and finally successfully contracted BASF Coatings (Guangdong) Co., LTD. Warehousing service project, now our company in December 12 to December 20 with BASF warehousing department officially entered the inventory work。
In order to improve the ability of our employees to deal with emergency rescue, our QHSE department organized a safety month training on the afternoon of 23rd. All employees participated in this training exercise. The purpose of this training is to let employees have a more thorough understanding of safety knowledge。   Dong Jiming, manager of QHSE department of our company, explained the operation methods and precautions of cardiopulmonary resuscitation emergency drill to us, and also carried out special training on the use of positive pressure air breathing apparatus...
4月14日, Emergency management agency And city fire rescue detachment Join us for safety inspection,
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